BERLIN / BIRMINGHAM / BEYOND / at mac birmingham as part of Allotment 10 plots

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Clarke Gallery presents one work at a time in its Allotment. This work is for sale and when it is sold, its buyer will choose the next piece to be exhibited.

The works for this project have been selected by Elly Clarke and come from artists working in Berlin and Birmingham - and elsewhere. Over six months the project will unfold through three consecutive exhibitions: BERLIN / (18.02 - 08.04) BIRMINGHAM / (14.04 - 03.06) and BEYOND / (09.06 - 09.09).

Whatever is in the gallery is mirrored online, via the Clarke Gallery website, Facebook, blog and Twitter feeds. Only following a financial transaction will new work be revealed. Purchases can be made either in person or remotely. Work ranges in price from £150-£500. mac birmingham takes 33% plus 20% VAT; the remainder is split between the artist and Clarke Gallery.

This project has been conceived in response to the limited opportunities to sell work within Birmingham, and, more broadly, to the general state of arts funding today.

Follow the action:
Twitter @ClarkeGallery #allotment

Be part of the action:
If you would like to purchase or enquire about the work on display please contact mac Sales on +44 (0)121 446 3232 (Open 10am - 9.45pm weekdays & 9am-9.45pm weekends) - or write to Works are sold mounted but unframed.

‘With Arts funding becoming more and more difficult to come by, we have to think ever more creatively about ways of producing, funding, exhibiting and selling work. While some artists in this show are more than ten years out of art school, others are fresher on the scene. In any case, your purchase will be great investment - not only for aesthetic (and hopefully also financial!) reasons but, crucially, will support visual artists to continue making their work. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.’

Elly Clarke

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mac birmingham is part of the Own Art scheme. So you can buy art from this exhibition with an interest free loan. It has been featured on the Own Art newsletter.